Garage epoxy flooring; your wheel’s best friend.

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Epoxy may be used for anything. So buckle up if you’re looking for a truly distinctive epoxy garage floor design! When it comes to epoxy designs, the sky’s the limit.

Epoxy can be used to add color, pattern, and make your flooring easier to clean while remaining non-slip. Who wants their garage floors to be unsafe when they drive in with rain or snow? So call in the professionals at Epoxy Flooring Louisville, KY, to take care of your epoxy flooring job.

We are Louisville’s leading epoxy flooring contractors. Over the years, we have helped thousands of homeowners and businesses install, repair, and maintain their epoxy garage floors. We deliver nothing but top-notch service at a price you can afford. Be it for your home’s garage or commercial garage space, Epoxy Flooring Louisville can give you attractive flooring that can stand the test of time. Get in touch with us at (502) 215-8896 for a free, no-obligation estimate.

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The garage is a multipurpose space used for a variety of different needs. It can serve as a place to store your vehicles or a workshop for small DIY projects. Many homeowners also use it as a temporary storage area for cleaning products, automotive fluids, or other chemicals that they do not want in their homes.

With garages having many different functions, choosing a versatile flooring option that can perform well under various conditions is essential. Time and time again, epoxy has proven to be one of the most durable and cost-effective choices for garage floors. To learn about the benefits and drawbacks of epoxy garage floors, call our experts at (502) 215-8896 .


Day in and day out, commercial garages are often subject to a flurry of activity and heavy traffic. Without strong, durable flooring capable of supporting the constant flow of vehicles coming and going, you may wind up spending a great deal of time and money on maintenance and repairs to preserve the floor of your garage over time.

Epoxy flooring is the top choice for residential and commercial garages throughout the Louisville, KY area. Not only does it offer exceptional resistance to stains, corrosion, and damage from abrasions and impacts, but it is also easy to clean and take care of. Our company provides professional epoxy floor installations for residential and commercial purposes. No matter the design you have in mind or the size of the space, our team can ensure a smooth and expedient installation.

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Epoxy Flooring Near Me - Louisville-KY

Epoxy garage floors don’t need any special care. To keep them clean and free from stains, you need to sweep them to remove the dirt, dust, and debris, then mop the surface with water to eliminate any oil or chemicals that may have leaked onto the floor.

From time to time, some customers choose to have a fresh layer of sealant applied to their garage floor to give it some added protection. The cost of maintaining epoxy flooring is very low. Because of their exceptional durability, epoxy garage floors rarely require repairs. However, when there is a problem, we can help you. Call us at (502) 215-8896 to schedule a repair service.


Myth #1: Professional garage floor coatings cost a lot of money.

For a two-car garage with decent concrete, a professionally placed decorative epoxy chip floor coating should cost no more than $6 per square foot. It may not look cheap, but it is worth every penny given its durability and aesthetic benefits!

Myth #2: Just purchase a package from a large box retailer because all garage floor treatments are the same.

Even though you can buy some good kits on the internet, they will still be inferior to a professionally done epoxy garage floor coating.

Myth #3: Simply clean the garage floor and it's ready to for epoxy coating

We wish it were that simple. The epoxy garage floor surface must be prepared to a concrete surface profile of 2 or greater to ensure that the epoxy can adhere perfectly. A rough surface is imparted to increase adhesion and eliminate loose cement paste and surface pollutants. This also opens the pores of the concrete and removes surface contaminants.

Myth #4: You may just paint your garage floor using epoxy, which is just a fancy name for paint.

If this myth is accurate, then everything may be compared to "Apples to Watermelons"! Epoxy is paint in the broadest sense (because paint is defined as any liquid that changes to a solid film following a thin film application to a surface), yet not all paint is epoxy.

Myth #5: To keep your garage floor looking excellent, you should refinish it every 1-3 years.

This myth might be true only if, 1) the coatings are from a large box store's garage epoxy kit, 2) the surface was not properly prepped, or 3) the installers did not correctly apply the industry quality, professional coatings.


Textured look and feel

What are some of the advantages of having a textured epoxy garage floor? The flooring can be given a textured appearance to bring visual appeal. It also gives more traction than a standard cement garage floor, which is beneficial when the surface becomes wet.

Neutral colors

Natural hues like charcoal and khaki are flexible, so they'll match the colors of whatever vehicle you own or plan to buy in the future. Consider a silver, brown, or silver/black/white blend, such as our Charcoal epoxy coat color, for your epoxy garage floor. You can also pick a color that complements the look of your garage cabinetry and slat wall.

Eco-friendly paints and coatings

Going green is a design trend in all areas. To design a stylish garage safely, look for an environmentally friendly floor coating.

Sleek styles

Rough floors are out; sleeker and more polished-looking flooring is in. A gleaming floor coating will add a sophisticated touch to your garage. A high-quality epoxy garage floor coating will keep that gleaming "new floor look" for years without fading or yellowing. The decorative flakes used in the epoxy garage floor application process also help reduce dirt's visibility.


Frequently Asked Questions

Installing epoxy flooring is one of the best investments you can make for your garage. Aside from the fact that it can give your space a neat look with its high gloss finish, it will also make the surface waterproof and extremely durable.

An epoxy garage floor is also the flooring system that is most compatible with vehicles. Unlike bare concrete, epoxy floors will not damage and wear your tires. That’s because of their smooth and seamless finish. They are also strong enough to hold significant vehicle weight.

Yes. Installing an epoxy garage floor is a cost-effective way to boost your home’s resale value. In fact, it can increase it more than any other flooring system. Epoxy floor coating can make your garage space pleasant to look at and is also more durable, safer, and longer-lasting than concrete garage flooring alone.

To ensure better durability and longevity, we recommend applying two coats of epoxy. The best thing about epoxy is that it lets you build up the surface to make it more resilient. You can even apply a third and a fourth coat. This is a smart way to fix any scratches or marks you’ve made during your first coating.

After applying the final epoxy coat, it’s best to wait three days before exposing your new epoxy garage floor to vehicles. Epoxy is pressure-sensitive during the first 48 hours of application. Any foot traffic or heavy equipment can misshape the surface.

No. Epoxy is one of the most affordable and cost-effective flooring systems you can install in your garage. It can be poured directly over a different flooring material. This means you don’t need to remove your current flooring, saving you a lot of money, time, and labor expenses. And since an epoxy garage floor is extremely durable, you won’t need to replace or repair it now and then.


Don’t settle for the status quo of a dull garage interior. The garage, as a space you use every day, deserves to be as lovely as the rest of your home. Begin with a garage floor made of epoxy!

One of the most effective methods to obtain the type of fashionable, high-end look that will set your home apart from the others on your street is to invest in a new garage floor. Contact Epoxy Flooring Louisville, KY to start your new epoxy garage floor project.

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